Math Department Mission Statement
The purpose of math at Fast Forward is to prepare students to use critical thinking, and be problem solvers in the real world. We ensure that each student has the opportunity to interact and communicate using the language of mathematics. 

Students engage with math-related technology and solidify mathematical concepts through hands-on discovery. It is our philosophy that every student can learn math in their own unique way, and this is done by tailoring the challenging curriculum to different learning styles.


Transit Options for Fast Forward Charter High School

Transit Options for Fast Forward Charter High SchoolNibley to Fast Forward Charter High School1)      Bus departs at 6:56 am2)      Bus 12: 3155 South 500 West Elkhorn Ranch Road3)      Get off at Transit Center4)      Get on to Bus 85)      801 West … Continued

Talent Show

Auditions begin Wednesday and Thursday at 12:20pm in the music studio.Talent Show is scheduled for Friday December 20th.

College of Eastern Utah High School Art Show

Fast Forward student Logan Baird’s portrait painting was selected for the high school art show at the College of Eastern Utah. Yippee, Go Logan. The show opens Monday January 13th and runs through Thursday February 6th 2014.