Parents and Guardians,

Today at Fast Forward Charter High School an incident occurred where one of our students brought a firearm onto the school campus. Other students witnessed the weapon in the student’s possession and reported it to the principal, who immediately called Logan City Police Department. The student was detained off campus and taken into custody.

We are proud of the students who took the initiative to notify the principal of the incident. Upon being informed, school staff took immediate action. The school was placed in lockdown and the facility was secured. We express our concern for the physical safety and emotional well-being of every student at Fast Forward. A police investigation continues, and more information will be forthcoming as it becomes available.

We have arranged for extra counselors to be on campus tomorrow for any student who may be in need of support. We continue in our commitment to provide your students with a safe and wholesome learning environment for all students and faculty.

If your student has concerns or information regarding suspicious or illegal behavior please contact Jill Lowe or use the SafeUT app.


Jill Lowe


Fast Forward Charter High School