Andy Worrall promises to provide students who have been identified as being “at risk” with a continuous and challenging curriculum in a safe and nurturing learning environment as well as to prepare them for high school graduation. Using art education, my primary goals are to teach students how to learn, to love learning, and to become responsible citizens and productive members of society.

Andy’s fav quote “There is no ART without sacrifice”

Art promotes good health. It enhances quality of life today and into the future. The 17 different art courses offered are: Foundations in Art 2, Drawing 1 and 2, Painting 1 and 2, Printmaking 1, Comic Book Writing, Photography 1 and 2, Yearbook, Sculpture 1 and 2, Ceramics 1 and 2, Art History and Criticism and Jewelry 1 and 2.

Arts Ambassador Scholarship

The arts ambassador scholarship is a service orientated art program. It provides three senior art students the opportunity to create art work that gives back to Fast Forward and the community. The students team up with Andy Worrall and a Utah State University mentor to plan and make individual and group art projects. It is a year long commitment.

Art Gallery