Students perform Physics A Pendulum Lab on 10/14/13. The objectives of the Pendulum Lab are:

1) Students become familiar with the variables that effect the period of a pendulum.
2) Students are able to calculate acceleration due to gravity within 5% of the accepted value.

Steven Bennett
Drake Fonua

Department of Science Vision Statement

We believe that all students may be motivated to succeed in science. 
It is our commitment to excite and support students in this process. 
We will use a multifaceted instructional program to accomplish
these goals. This will include:

  • Creating a safe learning environment.
  • Recognizing and supporting the individual needs of each student.
  • Providing hands-on demonstrations and laboratory experiences.
  • Bringing the science of today into the classroom on a daily basis.
  • Meeting the Utah Core Curriculum Standards.
  • Using a range of student evaluation techniques.
  • Interfacing with parents on a regular basis through both a science newsletter and periodic phone calls.
  • Constantly challenging our students to push the envelope of their abilities.
  • Showing each student that we care about their success.
Rich playing with a gas bubbler

Smart Goals for 2014

David Hansen, Ben Lind, and Brandon Ratliff show off their tasty edible DNA that they created to explain protein synthesis.
1) Parental Involvement Goal

Objective: To increase parental involvement by better communication with parents via a Science Newsletter. Newsletter to be published during the week of parent teacher conferences to inform parents of school wide events as well as specific classroom activities.

Measurement: Publishing newsletter on the school science web page and FFCHS Facebook page as well as a hard copy to science students. 

Claudia Gill is tinkering in the science room of The Leonardo museum in Salt Lake City.
2) Improving SAGE Scores Goal

Objective: Provide additional instructional support to increase SAGE scores in science. Individual areas of weakness will be targeted from the prior year’s results. All departments will aim for a 5% increase over the 2013-14 results.

Measurement: SAGE scores will be compared to prior years (2013-14).

Mariah’s Biology class made Oobleck “GOO” on Halloween!
3) Extra-Curricular activities Goal

Objective: To increase student involvement in the science content area through out of class activities. This will accomplished through the science club meetings.

Measurement: Attendance records will be kept for science club meetings. The Applied Science mentor will recruit students for the program.

4) College Readiness

Objective: Prepare students scholastically to transition for career and college readiness . Students will be assisted in developing the following skill sets by classroom activities:

  • Students will develop note taking skills through guided notes and notebooks.
  • Students will develop inquiry skills through lab experiences.
  • Students will develop problem solving abilities through class exercises, quizzes and exams.
  • Students will learn about job opportunities within the scientific fields of endeavor.  
  • Class discussions will promote the importance of higher education.
  • College preparation materials, dates and events will be made available to students as required.

Measurement: Class syllabus will demonstrate course requirements for objectives one through three. Laboratory write-ups will be available for download on teacher UEN site. Yearly events and lectures will stress job opportunities within scientific fields. College preparation dates and events will be advertised through the parent newsletter. Stories in newsletter will stress the importance of higher education.

Science Newsletters