Our Team

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  • Picture of Jill Lowe

    Jill Lowe
    Principal - Director

  • Picture of Ryan Marchant

    Ryan Marchant
    CFO - Director

  • Picture of Alex Garrett

    Alex Garrett
    Vice Principal



  • Picture of Kathy Anderson

    Kathy Anderson
    Special Education

  • Picture of Sara Anderson

    Sara Anderson
    Student Services Center

  • Picture of Kelli Arave

    Kelli Arave
    Secretary/Admin Asst.

  • Picture of Lesa Boyce

    Lesa Boyce
    Lunch Program

  • Picture of Karen Christiansen

    Karen Christiansen
    School Counselor

  • Picture of Kristyn Hampton

    Kristyn Hampton
    Finance Manager

  • Picture of Sandy Hepworth

    Sandy Hepworth
    Distance Education

  • Picture of Thomas Kramer

    Thomas Kramer

  • Picture of RiKelle Montgomery

    RiKelle Montgomery
    Special Education

  • Picture of Morgan Perkins

    Morgan Perkins
    Special Education

  • Picture of Hailey Reutzel

    Hailey Reutzel
    Special Education

  • Picture of Andy Swapp

    Andy Swapp

  • Picture of Harmony Whitworth

    Harmony Whitworth
    Special Education

Board of Trustees

  • Picture of Lynn Hobbs

    Lynn Hobbs
    Board of Trustees

  • Picture of Teresa Olsen

    Teresa Olsen

  • Picture of Richard P. West

    Richard P. West
    Board of Trustees