If you are not making mistakes, you are not trying hard enough. If you do not acknowledge the mistakes, you are not learning. If you do not fix the mistakes, you are not improving.

Music Ambassador Scholarship

Two Music Ambassadors are honored each year at Fast Forward with cash scholarships. Recipients of this prestigious award must excel in their fields as well as represent what it means to be a “true Fastforwardian”. Prospective students must successfully take the ACT, enroll in the college of their choice, play an active role in school and community music events and attend regular events on the USU campus. Candidates work closely with Ryan and USU student mentors to fully realize their potential and make positive steps toward achieving their academic, artistic and personal goals.

October 3, 2013. Fast Forward Music Ambassadors attend a masterclass with world-famous guitar player- John Scofield!
Fast Forward Performs the music of The Black Keys- Unplugged Soundtrack Written, Performed and Recorded by Fast Forward Students

Live Music Performances